another 3d printer

would the hive be interested in a monoprice select mini 3D printer model 115365? I got one in the auction for 63.70 including tax. If the hive isn’t interested in it, would anyone on the mailing list be interested? not sure we need a second 3D printer at our house.

I would. Totally got to get started in the 3d printing :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how we would manage it, and I’m not volunteering, but I’d be willing to chip in on a Form 2 if someone (cough Mike, Bill) would put a plan together.

I can get an educational discount from formlabs for their form2 - i called them about it - it is a 5k package that includes 6 resins and a service package. so it is a pricey expenditure. the printer itself is 3400 without resins. it gets to add up quick. i think this would be something to work towards, but going to take some fundraising. the public library main branch has a resin printer if you want to use it in the meantime.

there is also kudolabs that does a resin printer and i believe they are cheaper - though I haven’t priced them out yet.

Tiffany, I personally would say no to the auction printer this model is available new at $200. After your taxes and buyers premium you might be at close to $90. That's almost 50% of new, it just doesn't sound worth the risk for what might be a defective product.

I think Tiffany has an “auction addiction” . . . . .
We may have to have an intervention. :grinning:

It appears new. And I already bought it. It was 50 plus fees - so total was 63$. I can’t help put 50$ Bids when I see appears new 3d printers on the auction site. And hey, if no one wants to buy it I can still probably sell it on eBay for a minor profit.

Possibly. But I don’t bid on everything. I weigh the pros and cons and realize I may have bought a hunk of junk. And decide whether or not to buy it. In this case - it’s hard to really f* up a mostly metal printer to the point of no return.

Yeah you just have to accept that some stuff will be bad. If you come out ahead overall then no harm done.

Just don’t bid on any scanning electron microscopes. . .

I had an opportunity to get one pretty cheap but after I asked around they are a huge money pit (especially the older ones).

$63 isn't bad I admit after taxes and buyer premiums. I try to get 70% off on the auctions personally so my cap would be $67 after taxes and buyer premiums. With that in mind good job catching these deals!

Also I bet Jamie would be totally interested in this printer I know he was considering buying one or building one.

Haha yea…no…lol

For me - alot depends on condition as to what I’m willing to pay. As well as need and if we would actually use it. Lol. I’ve only been burnt once or twice. Most of the time it works out for me knocks on wood


Heh… well, I am almost tempted on another lathe… ah well, bargains are hard to resist. But, if it is unwanted… it would be a heck of an xmas gift for my wife. I mean she does allow me the tool addiction :slight_smile:

If it’s not a good 3D printer, Dave and I can modify it into CNC a solder paste extruder maybe.

And, yeah, seriously, you’ve got to calm down with the auctions… How much time are you spending online scrolling through bidfta?

Honestly not really that much. Maybe 10-15mins a day - usually walking bw classes and to my car. I only look at specific auction locations and they don’t have a ton of Auctions. I don’t snipe or anything like that. I put a bid in and if I don’t get it I don’t really care. You can ask Mike about it - I’m not spending an inordinate amount of time or money. Mostly just fun for me. Besides, I still manage to get my work done and play with my kid - what’s it matter whether I’m watching TV, listening to music/podcasts, reading news when I’m walking to my car. My life, my entertainment.

I’m not trying to be bitchy - just don’t appreciate your opinion on what I do with my free time. If you do not think the Hive would be interested in it, I’d rather you state that and move on. I’m happy to keep it myself or sell on eBay/Craigslist.
Right now we have one gigabot that sort of works and that’s it. I would love to have 3 or 4 different 3d printers at the hive up and running for people to use. If this is not hive quality, that’s fine. Still seemed like a good purchase personally. Hard to beat a 63$ 3d printer that gets awesome reviews.

Tiffany steps off her soap box about personal liberties

I personally like getting your auction update e-mails, don’t let those two bullies pick on you and discourage you.

Hey, no bullying intended.
I like her updates also.

its hard to tell tone over email…

Sure. That’s what emojis are for. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: