Another 3d printer on the auction site

Just saw this tonight. Looks like it ends at 9 or 9:30

How’s this auction site work? all I see are things that have ended…

You have to register for an account to bid. if you go to the home page you can scroll down and find auctions that haven’t ended yet. The details are on the front page - location, time it ends, etc. Usually it ends up being about 25% on top of what you bid for buyers fee and tax.


Yes it is a bit clunky but can be fun.
Reminds me of the old Ebay.
Most of the items are returned things from Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot. Some are new though.

I would shy away from anything really fragile/expensive. I just picked up a fancy gaming keyboard for $5, but the spacebar clip is broken. I am going to try and 3D print the clip.

The fun part is when you win an auction item and get to go pick it up from one of the warehouses. Reminds me of BarterTown from MadMax. Rows and rows (and rows) of crap piled up. – this is an anycubic photon

And these are i3 clones

All end tomorrow. Cheers!