Annual voting?

It appears that we are past the 60 day before the annual meeting for election and bylaw vote to announce a membership. Can we get that notice so members can start proposing any potential bylaw changes as well as nominate their name for Officer/board positions?

We mentioned it at the meeting last night.
It looks like you took care of the notice on the mailing list. Thanks!

For those that were not at the Tuesday meeting, here is a quick recap.

We have 5 Director Level positions open:

As well as 5 Board member positions open.

Anyone is able to nominate another member, or them self for any position. Any member who has been nominated by another member can withdraw them self from nomination. You must have be nominated 10 days before the election to be on the ballot, that deadline is July 6th.Voting takes place on the Annual Meeting which is July 16th. Voting will be done electronically so you do not need to be at the meeting, but all are encouraged to attend because we will be grilling out food stuffs.

Will B, mentioning it at the meeting does not fit the legal requirements of notifications Nor is someone asking about it. I am glad to see it was posted. though