Annual meeting vote results!

The voting is over and the results are in. Elly will post the exact numbers later tonight:

Board of directors: Dave Lear, Ian Wilson, Jim Dallam, Lorin Parker, and Elly Hall

President - Ryan Hershey

Treasurer - Jim Dallam

CTO - Ian Blais

COO - Jon Neal

Secretary - Still none

Bylaw revision - passed.

Thanks to everyone who ran! Hopefully this momentum will continue for the future.


Here is the link to the tallied votes. I got a little intense with spreadsheet analytics. Enjoy.

In person paper votes are kept for records; they were counted by 6 people independently of each other, each count is recorded and then averaged with the others. Online votes (also kept for records) were tallied by the program and added to the spreadsheet. Quorum based on current membership numbers was 30 for positions and 40 for bylaw changes.

If anyone has any questions just let us know.