Annual Meeting Reminders

Couple of things:

First, we’re having the usual potluck. Comment on here what you’re going to bring. I’m going to bring chicken and BBQ it on the grill. We’ll eat before the formal meeting starts, so let’s say around 6:45 or so.

Nominations and proposals will close this Tuesday, the 17th, at 8:00 PM. Ian will send out the vote link to your intweb e-mail address shortly after that. Please make sure it’s correct. If you don’t get a link to vote, talk to Ian. Voting will close at 9:00 PM on the 24th.

Bump. Please post what you’re bringing Tuesday.

I will bring a broccoli and cauliflower salad with mushrooms and light italian dressing.

I am going to see if I can get my act together and make a simple batch of some cornbread to bring.

I’m going to wuss out and probably bring some chips and 2 liters of soda,
my cook-fu is missing today

I’ll bring my Aunte Kroger’s carrot cake. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll bring my usual contribution of fruit and vegetable trays.

  • Ian B.

Ill be bringing a cheese and hash brown casserole and a plate of home made chocolate chip cookies.