Annual meeting potluck/cookout

Hello all,

The annual meeting, Tuesday July 26, will be out next potluck/cookout.

Any suggestions on themes? I was thinking a grill out, but we just had one of those. Is it too soon to repeat that? :slight_smile:

Post thoughts here ASAP so we can start coordinating stuff, as I will not be back in town until Monday.


Wrap theme:

Everything must be wrapped in something.
Burritos, sandwich wraps, enchiladas, etc… for dinner.
Pigs in a blanket, etc… For appetizers.
Lettuce wraps for the healthy
Crepes, etc… For dessert

Stick theme:
Everything on a stick.
Corn dogs, kebab, etc…
Cheese, hors d’oeuvres with toothpicks…
Caramel apples…
Popsicles, ice cream bars, etc…

I can go on all day


I can drag my smoker down… $100 will buy about 8-10 racks of ribs. Pork butts are typically in the $12-16 range. It’s early enough I can take off Monday to get things started. shoulders take 12-16 hrs.


It’s never to early for another grill out!

… also my contribution will be beef jerky no matter what the theme is. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Ian B.

It’s never the wrong time for a grillout (yes, this includes when it’s twenty below)

I’m bringing a pistachio cake no matter what. If we grill out, would anyone be interested in me bringing the Chernobyl Chicken again? I can ease up on the nuclear fallout in it.

Sure, why not. I think I might still have a taste bud hiding somewhere.

  • Ian B.

Two votes for a grill out. Also, that’s easy and we are running out of time. Post here with what you are bringing.

Does anyone have a grill we can borrow? And would someone also be in charge of getting the buns and meat to be grilled? I won’t be back in time to do that this potluck. Thanks!

Gabe, I LOVE your ideas. Well do something fun like that next for sure, when there is time for planning!! Thank you!

Grilling, I can bring my big flat top grill for the meeting as well again if needed

Kevin, that would be awesome!

We got back early enough that we can pick up the meats again like last time! So you all don’t need to worry about getting any of that as previously requested.

We will also bring corn on the cob, and something else tbd. :slight_smile: