Annual Meeting - July 19th, 2011


We are due to have our Annual Meeting again in July. This meeting is where we elect our board of directors, officers, and make any changes to the bylaws. You can read the relevant section of the Bylaws here:

In order for it to count, we need to have at least 50% of Members present. Please try to come to this meeting if you are able.

There are five positions on the Board of Directors and there are five elected officer positions. The officers and directors can overlap, but don’t have to. To be elected to any of the positions, you must be a Member.

The five offices are: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Operations Officer, and Chief Technology Officer. The portion of the Bylaws that describes the duties of the offices is here:

Please begin thinking about whether you would like to run for any offices. Let us know as soon as you can if you would like to run.

The agenda for this year’s meeting is at:

If you want to work on any bylaws amendments or have any questions at all about the process, let me know and I can help.


PS: I’ll take the same stance that Jason took last year: If anyone else intends to run for President, I’ll stand aside and not run against them. If no one else wants to run, I am happy to continue.

Good News Everyone!

The Annual Meeting is tomorrow night! At this meeting we’ll elect our officers and pass any amendments to the Bylaws that we agree on.

If you are a Member you have the right to vote, so if you can make it down here it tomorrow please do.

Also, as far as I am aware, there has not been a food discussion for tomorrow night yet, so unless something is thrown together quickly I think it would make sense to go back to Adriatico’s this week. Paul, if you aren’t able to pick it up, I should be able to.



Was I supposed to read this in a Professor Farnsworth voice? Because I
did. Also, will be there tomorrow.

what's up for vote? this is my last week (yay finals!) of my
tuesday/thursday class so i can't make it, but i would like to vote by
proxy if possible.

who's running for what office? i can vacate IT or secretary if
someone else wants to run for those. if not, consider me running, and
i'll actually be able to do stuff once this class is done.

i'd like to run for the board of directors again. so vote for chris
if you love america!

shadoxx, all hive13 meeting announcements are to be read in the voice
of professor farnsworth. it's in the bylaws and everything. maybe
you should have read your membership agreement more closely.

There is only one Bylaw amendment to consider and that’s the one about changing the officer eligibility requirement from 6 months as a member to 3 months.

Some people have put their names down as candidates on the wiki:

If anyone out there wants to run for something and won’t be at the meeting, put your name down on the wiki, or at least reply to this email so we all know you’re running.


Here are the results from last night’s meeting:

Bylaw amendment: PASSED.

  • You now only have to be a member for 3 months instead of 6 to be eligible to be an officer.

Board of Directors:

  • Chris Anderson, Jason Bailey, Chris Davis, Dave Menninger, Craig Smith


  • Dave Meyers


  • Craig Smith


  • Paul Vincent


  • Chris Anderson


  • Chris Davis

Thanks everyone!


*Changed my name for accuracy* :slight_smile: