Annual Meeting: Elections and By-Laws Amendments & Changes


In order to provide 1 month notice, I am officially announcing Hive13’s annual meeting, to be held Tuesday 7/25/17 at 7:30 pm.

Per our ByLaws, we meet yearly in July to elect officers and board members, as well as ratify any changes to by-laws or legal documents.

Important facts about this meeting:

We need 50% of members to place votes during this meeting, or online. If we do not have a total vote count >= 50% of total members, the election will not be valid. Ian Blais will follow up with how to vote online, but online voting typically opens 1 week before the meeting.


We have 5 officer positions who manage day-to-day operation of Hive and also cast votes jointly with the board on matters applicable to both.


I have attached a document that describes the responsibilities of each position. Read through this if you intend on running! In order to run, you have to have been a paying, voting member of the space for at least 3 months.

Nominations (of self or others) shall be made by responding to this thread by 7/18/2017.


Changes to by-laws may be submitted to this list before 7/18/2017.

Please refer to our by-laws here:

Any by-law changes require a 2/3 majority of votes cast.

Any proposed by-laws changes should be thought out seriously, as this is the legal document that governs our organization.

Changes to smaller rules and regulations may be proposed for this meeting in addenda documents, outside of the by-laws. Again, please see the wiki for how this is structured. You may also ask me, or another board member about any of this.

I will start a second thread for discussion of by-laws.

Thank You,

Lorin E. Parker

Board of Drectors, Hive13

BoardOfficerDescriptions.pdf (181 KB)

I nominate myself for Board Member & Secretary

I nominate myself for COO again.

I will write a candidate statement at a later time. I’d like to ask kindly (not require), that all candidates make an introduction / statement letting all know who you are, what you do, will do, etc. This may be informal if you like.

Many members may not know you, or how you are involved with Hive & what you do. I have not been a frequent Tuesday meeting attendee since Jan due to work & travel, so I don’t expect that new members know me well. A statement is needed so all members know who they may be voting for.



Board, Hive13

I nominate myself, and request your consideration, to have me to continue to serve as your Treasurer and Board Member in the coming year.

Jim Dallam

I would like to throw my name in for President and board member.

My bio:
I’ve been a Hive member for about two years. I am currently a board member and the machining warden (mill, lathe, CNC) and have taught mill and lathe classes. I’ve spent some time getting things bought for the Hive (hand tools, electronic area items - oscilloscope, function generator, logic analyzer).
I’ve done two seasons of the Power Tool Drag Racing for the various Maker Faires. The San Francisco one was awesome!

I currently work at P&G in upstream process development. I help create the processes/machines that make Pampers. About half of my work time is with Intellectual Property, mostly patents. I’m fairly easy to recognize, I probably have the least hair color of anyone at the Hive.
My main goals as President would be to bring back the “fun” vibe and continue to do outreach (learn to solder, classes, etc.).
I do have a life outside the Hive (work, family {teenage son}) so I would not be able to donate more than a few hours a week to the job.

Poking this thread. We’ll discuss this at the meeting tomorrow, but if you can’t make it, nominate someone or self nominate on this thread. We’ve got a lot of positions still open for folks who want to get more involved. :slight_smile:


I will go ahead and self nominate for CTO again this year. Because apparently I am a masochist.

  • Ian B.


I will self-nominate for a board position.

For those happy few unaware of my presence, I’m Ryan Hershey. I joined Hive13 in early 2013, and have served in some officer capacity for nearly four years following. (CTO 2x, president, now secretary) I’ve held many informal classes on various topics, been a near constant member of the power tool racing team, worked to coordinate past Hive13 MakerFaire attendance, and fielded countless inquiries about the space from prospective members and external entities.

I intend to continue as an active Hive participant, but family and other commitments have recently consumed a great deal of time. This is poised to continue, which affects my ability to regularly attend the weekly meetings.

If you’ll have me, I’d like to remain plugged into and available for fiddly Hive bureaucratic activities. Particularly, I want to focus on internal community this year. I’ll attempt to use the time freed from officer duties to resume holding classes, and to re-establish other recurring events at Hive13.

  • Ry


I did not initially post my bio:

I grew up in New Mexico and Colorado, and enjoy desert climates without trees. I am a University Professor, but I’ve done a lot of more interesting things. I hosted a TV show among other jobs, where I blew things up and editing made me look cool, but side shields and cowboy hat pretty much negated that cool… Anyway, the attached clip sums it up.

I came to Cincinnati and NKY after 2 years in Austin Texas. I first came to Hive in late 2014 and joined the board in 2015. I am also the electronics warden. My focus on the board has largely been on broadening the organization. I’ve worked on a lot of outreach programs, education programs, collaboration with schools, other non-profits, etc. I’ve also written a few grants that benefit Hive13. The most obvious is the grant that funded the Ultimaker. After a carreer in education I don’t mind wading through bureaucracy, planning, or accounting (although it’s still not fun or anything). I am most earnest this year in my wish to revise the bylaws and strengthen the organization of Hive13 to better serve our current community. We have seen a lot of diverse growth over the past two years, and are grateful, but also are feeling growing pains. This year, I’d like to see that our governance catches up and reflects an organization of 70+ members.

Hive is a sanctuary to me, where I can be myself, enjoy the company of friends and work on dorky projects. I genuinely enjoy contributing to this community.

I haven’t been at Tuesday meetings as much in the past few months, so some new members may not know me as well. I’m the guy with the moustache and the hat…



image.jpg (1.95 MB)

I'll go ahead and throw my hat in for board member. I've been around for a year now, and have been the lounge warden for most of that.



I will toss my name in for a board member.


All nominations and bylaws amendments for the annual meeting MUST be submitted to this list by 11:59 tonight.

Anything submitted after the deadline will not be on the annual meeting agenda.



Do we have at least 5 people nominated for the board?


Myself, Ryan, Jim, Brad, Nancy

Another board member, who is not also serving as officer, would be a bonus, though.

Actually we currently have six nominations for the board. Will Bauer is also in the running.

-Ian B.

I would be happy to back out of the board nomination. I only presented myself because there were not enough nominations.

I actually think there is some wisdom in having the board separate from the leadership.

So if it is OK I’ll remove myself. If the rules don’t let me, then feel free not to vote for me (I won’t). :grinning:

Sorry, the survey has already been activated and cannot be edited now. If it makes you feel better I already didn’t vote for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Ian B.

The meeting it running a tad late because of the potluck! If you’d like to remote attend tonight, go to:

We’ll have it set up in 5 minutes :slight_smile:

For those who missed the meeting last night, here are the election results:

President: Brad Walsh

Secretary: Lorin Parker

Treasurer: Jim Dallam

COO: Greg Arnold

CTO: Ian Blais

Board of Directors:

Will Bauer

Nancy Graven

Jim Dallam

Lorin Parker

Ryan Hershey

The wiki leadership pages have been updated as well.


Ian B.