Announcing "PIMP this Project" opportunity # 001 - CinD LOU locomotion

Yes, this is your chance to get on-board HIVE13's first "PIMP this
Project" opportunity # 001 - CinD LOU locomotion.

PIMP (Project Investor Micro Pledge) is our own ad hoc, grass-roots,
low-budget, kick-starter for financing HIVE community project needs.
The donations committee is test driving this vehicle as one way Angel
Venture Capitalist wannabes can have an immediate impact to expand the
plethora of cool things the HIVE is doing.

The Need - The HIVE community house bot project Cin-D LOU needs to get moving, literally! The
locomotion team is stalled (no pun intended) working to hack the OEM's
obsolete/proprietary drive setup that came with the motorized
wheelchair. They didn't make it easy (Lawyer lawsuits and such) and
we couldn't afford the OEM's replacement cost if we were to fry the
only one we have. We need an available, low-cost solution.

The Solution - Web surfing has identified the DimensionEngineering
SaberTooth 2X25 Dual 25A Motor Driver
Having one will allow us to control the two 24 VDC wheelchair motors
with either analog voltage, radio control, serial and/or packetized
serial inputs. We can learn to build many different robots of
increasing complexity for years to come based on such a device. It has
independent and speed+direction operating modes, making it the ideal
driver for differential drive (tank style) robots and more. It costs
$124.99 + $3.00 shipping and is available from stock.

The Path - Reply to this post with your suggested $5, $10, $20, or $X
pledge. As soon as the total of the pledge posts on this thread
reaches $127.99 this opportunity will close and we will place the
order for this part. Remember your donations are tax deductible.
We'll trust you to bring your cash to a next Tuesday night meeting.
When this part arrives, we will bring it to the HIVE and the
locomotion team members (that's anyone who is interested) can work
with it to get Cin-D LOU moving! If she moves really fast, we'll have
to change her name to Helen Wheels! Are you in?

This outreach is endorsed by the HIVE donation committee.

I'm in for $20. Jim

I’m in for $10 but I won’t be here next week. Is here a donation jar or somewhere I can stop by over the weekend and drop off my money?

I’m good for $15

I’m in for $10. But, like Craig, I won’t at the meeting next week. Any plans to set up a simple web-based donation system, say a paypal account or something?


I’m in for $10. Especially if you keep making great posts on the wiki about the progress :slight_smile:
Either a donation jar or paypal-type system would be good.

I’m in for $15. If it’s easy / agreeable to people you can just paypal me at my email address, and I’ll send Jim a check or whatever is easy. I’ll cover the fees.

We’re up to what, $80 already?

I’ll probably be in for 20, just so we can get the thing moving and I have tons of small to 2gauge wire laying around from the electric motorcycle. Whatever we need to get it going, and fuses.

I can drop 20 too, to get it running.

We’re at $120, with shipping the total is $135.80. Who wants to pony up the last $15 and get on the donor list?

$20 - Sold.

The HIVE is simply AWESOME! You folks really came thru at the end to
put it over the top!

New donation committee member Chris Davis will accept PayPal, handle
collections, and order the part, hopefully to arrive by next Tuesday.
Halloween may be the new/next project deadline.

The HIVE may have just invented a new way to get community maker
projects rolling in the fast lane in PIMPING style!


Maybe we can get a PayPal address for those who will not be there?

Anybody can just paypal me at my address -, or hand me cash when they see me, or just email if you want to use a different payment method. I’m flexible.

Ordered. Hopefully it will be here by Tuesday!

That was quick, and it even came in a nice little box!

Very nice! Go team CinD LOU!

Wired it up tonight, it works great… Stand by for the video…

Posted to YouTube - Great job folks!


And a second view from about a foot to the right of Jim’s. Who’s going to put together the 3D video…

It was stupid simple to get running, props to Rick and his dad (our newest member, WOOT) for having all the parts needed on hand. Reading the documentation, it’s going to be very easy to set up for control from whatever system we decide on and setting up safeties to keep Cin-D from running over anybody. Great job Jim finding the right parts!