Announcing: March CryptoParty benefitting EFF


My students (most of whom are members) and I will be hosting a cryptoparty at Hive13 the week of March 6th. Pending final doodle poll results, it looks like the night of Mon March 6th will work best.

A crypto party is essentially an open gathering where people can learn about digital citizenship in a casual, anything goes environment.

The event will be free and open to all. A donation of $1 or more to the Electronic Freedom Foundation will be suggested, but not required. If someone does not wish to support the EFF, a donation to the Free Software Foundation is possible. Fund matching may be possible – I am currently working on this.

Please see for more information.

I will be funding food, drink and providing general seed money for the event. This money is from a grant I have which funds community events and philanthropy. This is the same fund which payed for a documentarian to accompany us to San Francisco with PTDR.

My students are developing presentations and activities and will officiate. Some workshops / exhibits students are working on:

Abandonware – video games and open source
Privacy awareness – what is a VPN, Tor, SSL etc?
What information do I transmit – akin to showing how we all have a digital signature.
White hat hacking – demonstration of simple hacks. ie. what a hacker can see on an open wireless network.
Raspberry Pi and Linux how-to’s

We’d probably like to have a fun film or two going in the lounge, and, of course, there will be food, drink and social activity.

If you are interested in helping with anything, please send me a line.

This should be fun, and I look forward to having hive13 be a part of this. Furthermore, I hope that this might grow into a repeat offering in which Hive13 can give back to the community at large.


Electronic Frontier Foundation, (not Electronic Freedom Foundation).

this sounds awesome! is it possible to get that all in in one night?! :slight_smile:

There may be a possibility to do two. Another professor has joined the cause, so, we’ll see. Let me know if you think we might want to break it up.

The most important thing is that people come and socialize. All of those demos and such will be set up as “stations”, you need only participate where you are interested. People are welcome to come for simple food and conversation as well. It is NOT a lecture format.


Does this mean I’ll actually get to see the Kernel Kompiler in use?

Tim, it is possible to see the kernel compiler working at anytime. You just have to be willing to plug it in and set it up (and clean it afterwards) the biggest thing is that people don’t always clean it when they are done.

The results are tasty!
Though I am not happy with where it is located at this time.

Wow, thanks for letting me know!

Tim, ?

Tim #2 here, the first email in the chain says March 6th, which also matches the calendar. However, the blog post on the main page says May. Is the March date still the correct one?



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