Announcement of Hive13 Annual Meeting 2019


In order to provide sufficient notice, I am officially announcing Hive13’s annual meeting, to be held Tuesday 7/24/18 at 7:30 pm.

Per our ByLaws, we meet yearly in July to elect officers and board members, as well as ratify any changes to by-laws or legal documents.

Important facts about this meeting:

We need 50% of members to place votes during this meeting, or online. If we do not have a total vote count >= 50% of total members, the election will not be valid. Ian Blais will follow up with how to vote online, but online voting typically opens 1 week before the meeting.

Board Elections:

5 board members will be elected.

Officer Elections:

We have 5 officer positions who manage day-to-day operation of Hive and also cast votes jointly with the board on matters applicable to both.


I have attached a document that describes the responsibilities of each position. Read through this if you intend on running!

In order to run, you have to have been a paying, voting member of the space for at least 3 months.

Nominations (of self or others) shall be made by responding to this thread before 11:59.59pm on 7/17/2018.


Changes to by-laws may be submitted to this list before 11:59.59pm on 7/17/2018.

Please refer to our by-laws here:

Any by-law changes require a 2/3 majority of votes cast.

Any proposed by-laws changes should be thought out seriously, as this is the legal document that governs our organization.

Changes to smaller rules and regulations may be proposed for this meeting in addenda documents, outside of the by-laws. Again, please see the wiki for how this is structured. You may also ask me, or another board member about any of this.

I will start seperate threads for:

*Nominations for elections
*Proposals of bylaws ammendments.

Thank You,

Lorin E. Parker

Secretary, Board of Directors, Hive13

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