Announcement and Purgatory - Special Server Edition

Here ye! Here ye! Hive denizens all!

First there was HiveStor. We decided this was not monstrous enough and
it was replaced with MonStor. In time this too was deemed insufficient
due to it's slowness and so it was once more usurped by FaStor. But
people have been saying "What's next??? Surely this cannot be the end??!
What replacement could there be which accurately conveys both the
quality and quantity of the garbage we dump onto it??!!?"

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... DumpStor. Our new server is up and
humming away. Note "humming", not "screeching". The difference in the
noise level here is absolutely ridiculous. It turns out most of the
noise was from the old Hubuntu server which was almost a solid brick of
dust and un-bootable even after cleaning. Sorry if anyone had anything
important on there. The usual reaction when mentioning that server was
"Wait, hubuntu is still here?" so I'm guessing not, but still. Greg and
I have attacked the "server corner" with the kind of vigor normally
reserved for slaying ones enemies and it has been thoroughly cleared
out. DumpStor is now also running the three virtual machines that were
actually active on our old vmware server. The others have been archived
in case it turns out they did anything (they didn't).

So on to the second part of this: Purgatory Special Edition! All of the
server hardware that we don't want has been loaded onto the purgatory
shelves and is pretty much up for grabs. The large server rack has been
placed near the lounge and is also up for grabs (I feel like someone
called dibs already, but I don't remember who.) Please find pictures
attached. (Picture of Hubuntus internals also included for amusement

Please aim large volumes of gratitude in Steve's general direction for
donating probably 90% of the new hardware we are now utilizing (and a
non-trivial amount of the stuff on purgatory too) and also for assisting
with the assembly of our new rack.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to enjoy the quiet.

- Ian B.




I’m deeply sadden to hear that the Hive has removed the adhoc fine dust filtration system formally know as Hubuntus. What’s the plan to replace this valuable dust collection and filtering system?

As somebody who was down there when the server noise finally went away I’m thinking that we might need to buy a white noise generator. Otherwise it’s like The Shining levels of unnerving quiet. I guess we could run the dust collector during meetings? If people can actually understand each other we’re likely to have a serious drop in membership.

Thanks for improving our general noise amount.

Can’t wait to be able to hear at the next meeting.


Heh, no kidding. As long as we keep Trent off this ought to make remoting into meetings downright tolerable. For anyone interested, here is what the server corner now looks like.

  • Ian B.