Announce: Sparks! (a monthly electronics themed night of fun)

Sparks! is a monthly meeting on the first Monday of the month to do electronics in a social setting that will be meeting @Hive13. It is open to the public all ages and abilities, from utter n00b to grand circuit wizard. The idea of each session is to have more of a social, collaborative, group-play atmosphere than rigidly structured meeting, BUT…
-There will always be something that makes sparks to show off. (The group must earn its name somehow. And it’s fun.) Think anything from car ignition coil to Jacob’s ladder to Tesla Coil. This is intended to be a short 5-10 min demo to start the meeting and let some sparks fly.
-I will try to make sure there is at least one person willing to show off / talk about a finished / mostly functional project they’ve done. This is intended to be a short 5-15 minute demo to get a feel for what attendees have done.
-There will be lots of time to talk, have show and tell, learn and make sparks fly.

If you want to show something off or know you’d like help with something, feel free to contact me in advance ( blundar at gmail ) !

(from meetup -

I’m going to be bringing an automotive ignition coil test apparatus that is capable of making at least 3/4" long sparks. It’s scary and tends to scramble anything sensitive to RF for at least a couple hundred feet in any direction… Possibly a good test of the CNC rewire lol?

If you have something you’re dying to show off that is finished (or at least functional), LMK via email. I have plenty of stuff I can bring but would prefer to share the spotlight with someone else.

I’ll also be bringing a PID-controlled small electric coffee roaster project I’ve been working on to show off/work on.

I will most likely be ordering a pizza from Adriatico’s. RSVP via mailing list or meetup appreciated so I can make sure there is enough food for folks.

Hope to see you there! Monday April 1 - first night. Things appropriate for April Fools Day that make sparks / use electricity are encouraged!

-Dave B.

Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead! (circuits)

Electronics night Monday. If you haven’t RSvPd on meetup, ack off on the mailing list.


I’m out of town this time, but I’ll be at future events. Thanks for putting this on, Dave!

I had just been thinking about wanting to ask for help with restoration of several pieces of antique quack medical equipment I have recently acquired. This sounds like a great opportunity to get some input from others on how best to replace melted hand made wax insulated components with more modern alternatives. And a couple of these are designed to shoot sparks to cure everything from baldness to cancer! I will be there.

Sounds terrifying. :flushed:

Please be very careful with old high voltage stuff. :zap: