Annex access not working

Earlier this past week my key card would not get me into the annex. I stopped in today aND decided to check the annex for water after the storms last night.

My card still does not work.. Does something need to be reset on the door controller, and has anyone else reported this problem?

The annex seemed to be dry, but there is a green tarp hanging near one of the windows. Also, the windows are open, were they left open? Or did someone come in earlier today and open them?

We installed the tarp to block the sunlight that washed out the projector.
The windows were probably left open from the meeting. We should close them after the meeting.

I also had some trouble with the annex card reader. It goes green but the solenoids do not fire. Then a few minutes later they work.


I did some work on the card reader today - I added some diagnostics to them - they’ll beep out error messages (yeah, yeah, I know, but it’s the only thing I’ve got to use). So, if you see any issues again, tell me what the beeper and lights are doing.

Side note: I’m going to be updating the Wiki page for the RFID readers soon.

Thanks for working on it Greg.

I was up at the Hive while Greg was working on it and of course it worked like a charm, never failing once with numerous usages. Kind of like bringing your car to the mechanic and it acting just fine till you get home. :smiley:

Based on the famous TV and movie tropes, couldn’t one just bust out a pane and open it by reaching inside to unlock it?

I mean is glass that expensive? ; P

you could… but you dont need to, you just have to be a bit clever to get the door open