Android Programming Needed

Hey Hivers,

Sorry I've been MIA the last month or so. During this hiatus, I've
been working some Android projects and have gotten to the point where
I have one kludged together prototype and some further development
ideas that are beyond my current skill-set.

So I'm looking for a programmer/developer to help me progress beyond
this point. I'm not interested in learning more of the language (I'm
not the best at programming) so much as getting my ideas instantiated.
While the application itself is immensely simple, some elegant design
is probably needed to address problems of scalability. Since I intend
to pay $ for this, I thought I'd give the Hive first crack at it
before trying to pull someone from UC's fall class.

Let me know if you are interested and I can send some details on what
exactly I'm trying to do.