Anchor Building Purchase


If you haven't heard already, the Anchor Building has been purchased
by our neighbor Garden St. Iron & Metal, Inc. I just talked to the
president at Garden St. and he assured me that nothing will be

Of course, this is just a verbal statement, and we will be trying to
meet up with them and get something in writing. But for now it
doesn't look like we are going to be forced out or anything.

Nonetheless, the market for commercial space is supposed to be really
good right now and it's entirely possible that there are better spaces
out there. So, this is a call to action for people to start keeping
their ears open for spaces that might work for us. Start checking out
craigslist, if you know a good commercial realtor get them in touch
with us, just generally start looking around. I don't know if this
needs to be an actual committee that works together on this or not,
but either way if you're interested or if you hear about any spaces
out there that look good let us know.

Again, we're not definitely going to need to move. Everything should
be staying the same, but it wouldn't hurt to be looking out. We'll
let you know what comes out of meeting with Garden St.