Amusing excerpt article about Steve Jobs, Woz and their phone phreak days

My Uncle Steve shared this with me. I thought it was pretty amusing.


That was a fun read! thanks for the link!

thanks dave!

here’s a great book (that’s already published) about phreak pranks and turf wars:

and here’s an interesting HOPE talk about pranks that phreaks pull, and the conf scene:

The Hive13 library has a copy of Masters of Deception. I’m currently borrowing it but I might not get through it anytime soon, so if anyone wants to borrow it I’ll bring it back for you.

I would also recommend The Hacker Crackdown by Bruce Sterling. I don’t think the Hive has a copy of that one, but you can find it freely online:


Who knew Bruce McCulloch was in the phreaking scene?

i forgot to mention that i have a dead tree copy of MOD if anyone is interested.