Alternate Plans for Pizza

Hey gang.

I’m on call for work again this week. Would anyone be willing to pick up the pizza for this evening’s meeting?

We can coordinate the details off-list.

  • Ry

I’m going to adriaticos to pick up pizza for me and the kids around 6:45-7pm. I can call in / pay for / pick up a pizza for the hive as well. LMK.

That’d be very helpful. I’m digging through a bit of a backlog here and likely will not make the meeting.

The traditional Hive Adriatico’s order is a half cheese half pepperoni Bearcat. They appear to still be offering their Tuesday special as well.

  • Ry

Calling it in momentarily.

Another on-call rotation is underway, and I won’t be able to reliably pick up the pizza or attend tonight’s meeting.

Is anyone able to assist?

  • Ry


I was hoping to be down tonight but my dad’s 2nd surgery had complications again so I don’t know if I’ll be down. Would have loved to have helped

I drive by pieology, I'll pick up a few various types.