Alright, time to get serious about this party thing

Here are a few suggestions for our Grand Opening, let me know if I'm
way off base, but I wanted to get the pen moving on the paper.

1. Something to consume. Beer. Five bucks at the door for a cup. I can
get us a good deal on a keg of something decent to drink, and if
people are there for a cup or two of beer, they don't want PBR.
Suggestions for kegs are welcome, we may be able to do a few smaller
kegs of different varieties, and recoup the cost. Snacks and whatever
can be made or purchased, but I don't think anyone's going to come
looking for dinner, maybe just something to help soak up the beer.

2. Something to look at. Someone here knows an artist or two. See if
they have something they could occupy 10' or 15' of wall with. Hell,
they can put prices on their stuff and attempt to sell it. Maybe some
people have some weird talents they wouldn't mind opening up to the
public, like juggling, or wearing roller skates all night, or
whatever. Something interesting.

3. Something to do. Perhaps we go get a few big slabs of modeling clay
and set it out for people to make weird objet d'art pieces. Maybe get
some canvas and set out some paint for a group painting thing (walk
by, pick up the brush and just put some paint on the board). Maybe
even start a few projects and allow people to just poke around for a
bit. The whole theme of the hive is group collaboration in making
things and improving them, what better way to showcase this than to
let people just get dirty?

4. Something to think about. In the air conditioned area, behind the
glass doors, maybe set up a few fifteen minutes of fame where people
can just talk about whatever. We have done this a few times in our
meetings, but we could schedule strict times for people to seriously
talk about their passion. Fifteen minutes of fast blazing feverish
talk about whatever, then maybe a half hour break for drinks and
snacks, then hit another different fifteen minutes with someone else.
I could talk about things for fifteen minutes, shit: "Cincinnati
Drivers and how they suck", "Where I see Man evolving and Technology
surpassing", "How to make a resume that will actually get people to
want to talk to you", etc. We're all experts at something, why not
showcase that?

5. Something to win. People want to walk away with more than what they
came for. Raffles only really work if you have tickets and a method
for drawing, and enough expected people to make it all worthwhile. I
don't think we have all this, honestly. If we look at the numbers,
could we earn the street price back for the mame cabinets? Vendy
suggested during the meeting tonight that we just offer them up in the
silent auction with a reserve. If we don't hit the reserve, then what?
Maybe have a Rock Band competition for highest score, $5 entry for a
'team', winning group takes home four Hive13 t-shirts.

6. Attraction of new members. Silent auction a few member seats? First
month at whatever the end bid is? Since they would be a new member,
whatever they bid is over and above what we're currently 'earning' per
month, and if they drop after one month, at least we would see some
sort of spike in the coffers.

7. Fun! Invite your wacky neighbor! You know, the one that can sing
any song just slightly off-key while riding on a unicycle. Some of us
are rather introverted, especially around 'new people'. That's cool,
but you all probably know at least one person that is pretty lively,
and can change the mood of a room fast. Bring them along if for
nothing else than a smile and a beer.

So that's what I've got for a first blush at what needs to be there
for this party to be successful. Let me know what you all have.


Wasn’t at the meeting so srry if I’m duplicating effort but at least we can get some extra discussion going… :slight_smile:

#1 Drinks) FYI, PlayerTwo and myself will be acquiring a soda machine and Paul is finishing the snack machine. Not that has anything to do with the buying cups at the door but thought I would bring it up.

#2 Art) Did anybody talk to Rob about his robot piece or any other pieces he would like to show off. I have Gillian’s email (our neighbor) and will write her to ask if she wants to show off a stain glass creation. I don’t have Tony (the photographers email) so if anybody sees him might want to ask him as well.

#3 Collaboration project) Awesome idea. Not sure what the project is exactly but even painting or drawing with a sharpy on a large canvas would be cool.

#4 Talks) Scheduled talks could be cool. I think they need to be scattered about. Like one 15 minute talk every hour or something. This way ppl don’t think they are missing out on the activity outside but also it gives them something to look forward to or stay for.

#5 Prizes) I can speak for the Mame cabinets. We are doing a raffle for just one of the cabinets. That is all that will be done by the time of the party. The point of that cabinet is to help draw people to the party and not to make money on it. It costs around $200 to make a cabinet but this one I’m donating the parts to (hopefully) drive additional interest and raise some money. $10 for a raffle ticket? I would like to see the money from the raffle go to the maker bot or a laster cutter (or other tools). For the other cabinets I will probably see them from the Hive ebay store (still yet to be setup)

I’m also going to try to make some steampunk like devices that I can show off at the party. I have an old radio that I’m working on adding MP3 capabilities too and I’m going to spice it up a bit with the steampunk gear look. Not sure if I’ll have it done in time or not since it’s a lower priority on my list but with any luck it could be something else to show off.


I am planning on having the obstacle avoidance vehicle finished for the party to show off, also I will also be planning on finishing off the vending machine.

I like the idea of charging for cups for beer. $5 seems like a
reasonable price.

I also definitely agree with that there should be stuff to look at and
stuff to do. I think Rob's big robot will help us out there. I also
like the idea of a big poster with Sharpies or something like that.
There is a big St. Patrick's Day party that I go to most years and
they always have a big poster that everyone is expected to sign. Kind
of like guest book. That would be a cool thing to have.
Collaborative activities are a good thing.

A non-collaborative activity I would be interested in is the Guitar
Hero / Rock Band contest. It might be a good way to get small
donations if it's only $1 to enter or something like that. To get as
many people to play as possible. It is a little distant from our main
theme of collaboration and making things, but what else are you gonna
do with a big ass projector and a PlayStation?

We should definitely invite other wacky people even if they are only
peripherally related to Hive13. Speaking of which, I guess now would
be the time to send out those little "hey your members might be
interested in our group" messages to other groups around the area.
I've been keeping a little list of groups like this over at One other thing:
should we make some kind of poster or flyer to hang around places like
UC campus, etc? Anyone have poster design skills?

I also like the idea of short talks interspersed throughout the night.
That way you don't have to plan on coming for a particular hour to
see them and that one hour doesn't have to get taken up solely by
talks. About how many of these would we need? Maybe 4 or 5?

I think Craig has a good point about the raffle - it does not
necessarily have to be profitable in and of itself - although that
would be nice. If it gains us more members, that is a bigger win.

Here is the page for tracking what we have figured out so far:

Gotta get back to work for the moment...


If someone makes up a poster that fits on 8.5x11 paper, I need to make a trip up to UC this week so I could plaster it around the engineering building and other places on campus.

Starbuck: MAEK POSTERS!!!11111

It ought to be some quality brew if we are charging $5/cup. While we want to make some money and certainly cover our costs, is the beer going to be worth $5 to enough people to move through the keg(s)? It might…I’m just suggesting that it might be worth considering the cost of the beer per cup in the keg, tack on some handling fees (pause), and charge based on that… IDK, though. Just a suggestion.


As I understand it you only pay the $ once and you get free refills.
Figure people will get at least one refill? Or is that not right?

Like (beer price per 10 oz.) x (avg number of refills) = approximate
price to charge for the cup ?


Yeah, premium beer all you can drink for $5. Even students should
realize that it's a good deal.

not only that, it should be clear that the $5 fee is a fundraiser, its not supposed to be a good deal. If everyone “gets their moneys worth” we could end up losing money on the keg, and that’s definitely not the point. Unless of course the keg is donated, in which case any money we make is good.

Also, if you make posters, please make sure they print well in Black / White / greyscale, because I am planning on using the laserjet5 printer at the space.