Alarm problems at 2701SG

We received the following message from our landlord:
“We have had several calls from the alarm company each night over the past week, as well as police response at the building due to the alarm being tripped and not being disarmed.”

If you are at the Hive after 10PM or before 6AM, only use the central front door (with the RFID sensor) and it’s stairwell during those hours. That means we can not use the dock doors, trash compactor, elevators or other areas of the first floor after 10. There are motion sensors on the first floor that will trigger the alarm if you go to other areas of the first floor. They have also changed to alarm codes, so the old ones will no longer disable the alarm. We expect to get more details in the next week.

If you foresee needing access beyond this time window, please contact me. DM on Slack is the best way to reach me but a reply to this email will also work.