Air Filter Vote

Hey all,

At the beginning of October we started discussing air filter options for the hive. To quote the original thread, a nice air filter is really needed because “with all of the sanders we have accrued in the last 6 months and the CNC coming online we have been generating a LOT more dust.”

I’d like to propose a vote for $200 to cover the following:

Air Filtration Unit: $119.99

Replacement Filter (coarse): $9.99

Replacement Filter (fine): $12.99

About $30 in shipping

$20 wiggle room in case the prices go up in the time it takes to vote

The unit comes highly recommended from professionals who have dusty shops. This is not a shop vac, and not part of the dust collection system. This is for filtering the air we breathe.

The vote will happen at the next Tuesday meeting (Dec. 1). If you cannot make it and would like to vote, please post here!



I vote yes (especially after watching Jon clean out the dust collector) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Definitely a yes vote for me if I’m not able to make it to the meeting. I have been really tied up lately


When looking at this, is this the best air filter for our setup, or is this a harbor freight style that we will have to repair every 6 months? Higher quality while more expensive will give us a longer machine life.

This filter was recommended on the woodworking subreddit. There aren’t a ton of reviews/information about this sort of thing since it is pretty niche.

If you find information that there is a better option out there for not too much more feel free to post it!

If this one ends up working pretty well after a while then I’ll propose that we buy another one or two. This single filter is more of a test run/seeing how well it works in our space.


Missed this post the first time around.

A little more expensive, but I have a Jet AFS-1000B I’m not using I could part with for $250. 3 speed, 2/4/8-hour timer, 1000 CFM. Only gently used, however it does not come with a spare filter, just the current electrostatic pre and 3-pocket main filters.

Here’s the beast itself:

Rockler link: (though $300 at Amazon right now.)

I would also vote yes on either filter because air filters reduce the amount of dust in the air. And I’m not sure why I would vote no on my own filter.

I vote yes

I also vote yes.


Thanks for following up and posting your filter info Joseoh!

Now… We are definitely getting an air filter, as we already voted on this. It passed last week for the original amount of $200.

So right now I am confused as to what we are voting on here on the list. Hahaha!

I’d like to look a bit more into the one Joseph has (which off the bat does look nicer and can move twice a much air). If we go with that one, we will then need to vote an extra $50 onto the original amount, plus a bit more for extra filters. I’ll look at it today and then I can propose a higher budget to be voted on next week! (Then we vote :stuck_out_tongue: haha)

Glad to see people interested in making the hive’s air better!