Air Conditioning - It IS a COOL Summer at Hive13

We ask members to Donate what they could to help Make Hive13 a COOL place this Summer. You stepped up, and the air conditioning is installed.

  • The contractor installed two 5 ton 13 seer condensing units on 1st floor roof

  • These are the largest units that the furnaces can handle.

  • We closed Elevator #4 to keep the cool inside.

  • Otherwise the cool air will drop straight down the elevator shaft to the basement.

  • The 2701 building owners have agreed to replace the roll up door with a modern version that we can power and attach to our RFID system. Meanwhile elevator #4 has been down for repair of damage that came when rainwater backed up in the basement. The elevator door replacement is going slow, but it will happen. Until then #5 elevator still works.

But there is still more to do - We need a wall along the back to help keep in the cool.

What we have learned about the AC

  • It was advised that 10 tons is enough to reduce humidity and hold temperatures in the high 70’s

  • So far, so good, but we can do better

  • The Hive13 space does not have much sun load compared to most buildings

  • The building has a lot of thermal mass. Wall temp averaged ~ 80F last summer

  • We were warned that the ductwork could become covered in condensation

  • Condensation is happening - Solution – Insulation on the duct out to the first vent register

  • We have recycled mylar bubble food delivery bags to wrap the ducts this week

  • The Contractor found the outside condensers were covered with cottonwood lint

  • We need to put condenser cleaning on our schedule for next spring

  • Hosing off with a garden hose should be sufficient

  • The Contractor recommends MERV 8 filters and warns that higher MERV filters reduce efficiency

  • MERV 8 filters are now installed

  • The Contractor recommended that we close off the space with a wall along the back

  • The wall will allow us to stop losing our cool and lower the humidity

  • Exhaust fans for wood dust, hot crafts, welding, laser … blow cool air out and suck in hot humid air

  • Wherever appropriate we should recycle the air through dust filter boxes


Thanks for the info and leadership!

  • Todd