air conditioners at the hive

Hi All,
I don’t know if you have noticed or not but it’s been rather hot outside, which has meant that its been hot inside the Hive. It seems as though our air conditioners are having a hard time keeping up (some are even blowing lukewarm air). We have had them for just over 5 years; I am wondering if they may be hitting the end of their lifespan. Does anyone know if they can be recharged?

If not, I would like to propose a $500 or so budget to replace the worn out ACs with new ones. I would even be happy to help install them (I hate being hot lol). What does everyone think about this?


I’m not sure if they’re dead, or just dirty. Jon had good results from simply cleaning one of the ACs a week or so back. We may need to have an early morning cooling fin scrub party (before the hive heats up for the day)

  • Ry

I’ve cleaned out the two by the wood working area a few times. They were caked with sawdust. We should look into additional filters for them. Maybe furnace type filters in from of the air intake.

I had good luck using a piece of foam as a pre-filter on the outside of the air intake for the room. I used it on the one in my shed and it worked pretty well.

I think Jon was saying that he had to bring the air conditioner inside and clean the exterior radiator cooling fins. Not sure a filter helps there.

  • Ry

There is a spray on foam that is specifically designed for cleaning out the radiators of air conditioners. You simply spray it on and let it work it’s magic, and doesn’t need to be cleaned off later.

There are several manufacturers of it, and I don’t really have a favorite, but I normally clean my home air conditioners once a year with it… works like a charm.

Here’s an example can:


This particular example does get washed off… but the foam that I normally use doesn’t need it.