Air Conditioner Vote

As anyone who’s been in the Hive recently knows, it’s fairly warm in there. We can only get the annex about ten degrees below ambient temperature right now. While that’s doable when it’s only 90° outside, it’ll get worse soon. Plus, we’re one unit short (and have been for a while) in the main room.

Looking forward, I’d like to get a unit with a heat pump, put it in the lounge, and move that one out to the woodshop. That way, we can heat the lounge in the winter with the door closed.

I’m looking at the annex, at $350, and probably for the lounge, at $430. Thus, I’m proposing a vote for $900 just in case there are incidentals.

That would be extremely nice to have there! Huge yes from me lol

I’m all for better cooling. :snowflake:

I would also check Costco. They have some window units pretty cheap.
That’s what I got last year.


Hot bad, Cold good.


I am a yes, yes yes…
To quote will “Hot bad”

Voting yes on this, in case I don’t make it to the meeting.

Couldn’t get your first link to work.
Alternates are 6K btu floor models $319 LG-Electronics-10-200-BTU-6-500-BTU-DOE or $319 Frigidaire-10-000-BTU-3-Speed-Portable-Air-Conditioner