Air compressor vent

I would like to look into modifying the air compressor vent so it doesn’t scare the crap out of people working in the metal room.

I was helping Mike with some lathe work and I got to watch him jump about 3 inches in the air when the timed vent went off. There really is no reason, other than to watch someone flinch, for it to be so loud.

In fact, I think we could run a line to the outside so the noise and water go out on Spring Grove.

I’m going out of town this weekend so I’ll see about working on it next weekend.

I can help out on Saturday morning of that weekend (I think, though I’ll double check). I jumped several more times yesterday and today.


If you’re in the metal room using the lathe you can unplug that relay so the tank doesn’t vent on you. Just remember to plug it back in.


I’ve got a small hammer drill but could probably borrow ours from work to punch the hole through the wall to outside if we need a fairly large hole. If that doesn’t work then maybe a container with a fastened lid and sight glass and 1/2" npt pipe fitting on top to screw in an air muffler. Haven’t looked at the plumbing to see how it’s setup so no idea of current configuration.

We have a hammer drill at the Hive but I don’t think the walls are that tough.

Right now it just vents toward the floor at full tank pressure (150 psi) for a second or two every 45 minutes or so. Very relaxing. :flushed:

I was thinking of just putting a muffler on the end but then I thought if getting it out of the metal room all together. Wouldn’t be hard to run a line along the wall and then through the wall to the outside. We could probably even run flexible tubing as long as we attach it to the floor/wall. Then just have a muffler at the end outside. It would have water in it, so might be good to not use metal pipe.