Air compressor down until monday evening

The air compressor needed its yearly maintenance of being torn apart and cleaned.

We found a few issues and unfortunately didn’t have the supplies to fix all of them.

Thanks for understanding,


Just a quick follow up:

This means that air tools AND the laser will not be functional. It is critical to have that air flow for the lasers. So plan your hive ventures accordingly.

If it is a MAKER EMERGENCY, and you absolutely need the lasers in the next day, there is a work around, but it is a real pain in the behind and takes time, so you might have to bribe someone :wink:

I would imagine the laser doesn’t need much flow.
We could get a cheapie compressor as a stopgap.

I could loan my Dewalt Emglo for a few days if needed.


We have a small air pump on the small laser that can be swapped over. Just mildly annoying having to move machines, etc. Hence needing to bribe someone. :stuck_out_tongue:

The air compressor is back up and running!