Air and Power Reel Workday (and Warden Hours) Saturday

During lunch I ordered all the electrical and plumbing bits required to get the new air hose and power reels hooked up. Most of the stuff was available for in-store pickup today, but some of the fittings to hook up the air had to be shipped in, so it will be next week sometime before they arrive.

Anyone who feels like helping me get the electrical work done this weekend, please join me on Saturday for my Warden Hours (officially 1:00-3:00, but I will likely be in around noon and through around dinner time).


Kevin M.
Secretary and Woodworking Warden

Bump: Seeking help for Saturday.

I am either totally free on Saturday or going kayaking all day. I’ll let you know which way things fall.

I’ll be here at some point on Saturday and can help. I’ll double check but I feel like being there around 1 is feasible for me.

Cool, just let me know! For what I hope to get done, one or two people helping would be plenty.


I am not Kayaking tomorrow so I should be available to help for some of the time? What time? Or did you already say? Checking...

Ah noonish. See you tomorrow

I am planning on being around for a bit if still needed. I have something at noon but will come afterwards.

The power cords are all done and working! Thanks everyone who helped!

W00t!!! Thanks Kevin!


I'll announce when the last few air fittings arrive and I'm ready to get a group together to get the air reals hooked up as well.