Age requirments.

Hi. What are the ages for the group? I am 11 but love electronics and

We would love to have you in the meetings but you can not be at the space without a guardian. A limit of liability form is required to be a member and you must be 18+ to sign.

If your parents are willing to take you, you would be able use the student rate. Or you could just attend classes.


What is the next class? How about a arduino class. I would attend.

What student rate, 35$?

The student rate is indeed $35 per month for full membership.

If you only wish to attend an occasional class, you can pay a small fee to take just that class and do not have to sign up for full membership. Full members do receive discounted (in some cases free) admission to classes. The fees for each class are determined individually, based on the instructor’s requirements.

As a minor, your parent or guardian would be required to sign up with you and accompany you when working in the space or attending a class or workshop.

At the moment, we do not have an Arduino class on the schedule. We are in the process of putting together our overall class schedule, which we will be publishing on our website. There is definitely a lot of interest in the Arduino, so I’m sure we’ll be offering such a class this year.


As long as it has to do with electonics.