After 10 years Hive13 leadership finally has had a Lawyer review and update Hive13 bylaws. Woo Hoo!

Hello Membership,

After 10 years Hive13 leadership finally has had a Lawyer review and update Hive13 bylaws.

The Amended and Restated Bylaws of Sad Bee, Inc. are linked here for your review. (same link) Trivia fact: Hive13 is the business name of Sad Bee, Inc. an Ohio 501(c)3 corporation.

Hive13 Leadership requests your support in approving the changes as presented.

The legal review brought many minor wording and clarification changes to the bylaws making them consistent and compliant with legal standards.

The following notable changes were made:

· The separate membership and warden addendums have been combined into the bylaws.

· Member rights added a linked complementary ‘family’ membership. This ratifies and makes public a long standing Hive13 practice.

· Assured the bylaws comply with US and Ohio law.

· Require the support of five (5) members to propose a bylaw revision. In July 2019 there were fifteen often conflicting revisions submitted. We feel a speed bump is warranted.

This task would have been impossible without the Pro Bono Partnership of Ohio, a non-profit organization that has donated free legal advice to over 200 other 501(c)3 non-profit organizations like Hive13. Find out more about Pro Bono Partnership of Ohio here

The PBPOH volunteer Lawyers who gave generously of their time are: Richard DiPaolo, Joseph Dehner, Ralph Skilken and Marcie Hunnicutt. Our grateful thanks go out to them and

This has been a lot of work. Please let us know what you think.

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Stay Safe.

Hive13 Leadership,

Board of Directors:

Nancy Graven

Scott Hively

Chris Hodapp

Dave Lear

Dave Schwinn


President: Will Bauer

Treasurer: Jim Dallam

Secretary: Kevin McLeod

CTO: Drew Kirkman

COO: Dave Velzy