Advice on 3D printer - What if I had a free Polar 3D?

The folks at iSpace have asked me to see if I can get their Polar 3D printer working, in the hopes they can use it in a camp for 11 to 14 year old kids.
Note: It hasn’t been running and they don’t have staff who know this printer. It has been problematic in the past and has been back to the factory for a tuneup.
I notice the hive Polar printers are not in service though they show on our tools list.

Anticipating there may be problems with the Polar 3D printer, they ask: If not the Polar they have, what would be recommended. HELP.

So here are the questions:

  1. Any advice from you’all on getting a Polar 3D printer going that I wouldn’t find in the manual?
    Where will it go wrong and what should be done to counter it?

  2. What low cost 3D relatively bulletproof printer would you recommend for kids to explore in a camp. I know a bunch of you got new toys for Christmas. Anything you would recommend for iSpace camps?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dave Velzy

1, Bill should be on the group here, he made them. I am not that familiar with the mechanical side of them

  1. the powerspec/wanhao duplicator I3 around $300 or so, leveling is typical 4 point and at most they would only need to clear out clogs and change out the hotend if left heated without printing, the tubing will overheat and warp

I’d recommend a prtrbot simple metal or monoprice select mini. They are cheap and really really user friendly.


I’d suggest contacting Polar3D via their website (not just Dave via list). Printers for K-12 education is their forte and they provide good service to their education clients. It also might be as simple getting documentation from them and following whatever instructions they have for clearing the nozzle and setting up.

The Polar at hive did work last time I checked (September?). I don’t think anyone’s used it since then.


the last time i tried it, I got it to work, but left it printing and came back to a failed print. haven’t played with it since. but it was working.