Advertising and Marketing the Hive

So when talking about growth, membership level keeps coming up. But for more membership we need more people to hear about us.

It got me thinking, what do we do to advertise outside of a few events a year?
Facebook page? Hasnt been updated in a Month at the point of me making this message.
Meetup group? Gotta know about it to find it for the most part.

When I bring up the hive to many people they act puzzled that something like that exists and they havent heard of it. Or they think I am talking about the Manufactory or Library.

So I would like to bring up the conversation about Marketing and Advertisements for the Hive.

How can we push advertising and public awareness even more that we exist?

Should we look at maybe a P.R. Warden? This can also be a stepping stone to getting grants, or even assistance from the city or state. A local Urban Redevelopment Group got $100,000 to buy a few buildings here In Mt Airy from the City by hiring a part time PR person who made the correct connections.

What about physical Advertisements? Billboards, buses, radio ads, television ads? Of course these will have costs added with them, but it could be what we need to get known.

Sounds like a perfect opportunity for you to contribute your efforts to Hive13. From your outline it appears you fully understand the subject.

No Dave I have no idea about marketing. But i know it’s something we are lacking. But really the passive agression from you, yea that can stop.


Currently the lounge warden and president serve the purpose of what you are proposing as a "pr warden."

Our current marketing strategy is working, we have had a fair uptick in new member applications.

Could we do more? Yes, but what that requires is members to come forward who are willing to put in that extra effort (Not that we are not already putting in a fair amount of effort that you don't see).

Dave was simply pointing out that we already have a plan and method, we just need extra hands willing to implement the plan we have.

Well, all things in volunteer groups… a little work, a little fun, gets things done. What about a quarterly maker contest some project to fit on a 2x2 square so there is room for lots of entries? Hosting some other groups event or talk? Scouts need a place for destructively testing popsicle stick bridges. You know, in the projects the hive has completed, there are groups that might like a presentation. Big cnc (diy cnc facebook group, cinci area) big 3d printer (yeah, all kinds of people) I am sure there are more.

It does sound like it needs a committee chair so to speak, but… here’s the thing. If some organization goes into the process… this is easily the kind of thing that could be a resume builder for a student. Yeah, maybe a bit out of the box, but you have a management team and a goal and work that needs be done. There are plenty of people that need something to freshen a resume, or build a bridge to a career move. The Hive has plenty of expertise to mentor the process along, find a few people with the time to spare, and a need for resume fodder, might be a winning combination.

Sounds like fun.

Important to keep it non judgemental.
I think people are afraid of ridicule or looking silly/stupid.
Let’s talk in the next meeting.

Hive13 has done something along these lines before (with regard to a student holding some position) - see It’s worth doing more of perhaps.

Yeah, 30 hrs a week… more like a paid position. I am thinking 5-10 tops is what is realistic for a student. If there is enough need/enthusiasm… a group can make up that 30 hrs. But hey, likely best to stew the idea for a bit.

For what it is worth, I’d like to jump into this conversation some.

I am heard as Dave The IT Guy on the Scott Sloan show on 700 WLW during the week and have a tech talk show on iHeartRadio. I can’t promise a bunch of promotion on Sloanie’s show but can probably get some name mention going on here and there while on. I also am invited to speak at a ton of tech events in the region. While those events are focused on IT Security, the people going to those events of course have other interests. I am more than happy to work with whomever in the group to make sure I understand the message that wants to be put out so that I fairly represent the organization when I have opportunities to do so. I also have access to Boy/GIrl scout groups because I teach outdoor survival skills too (I’m a well rounded dude!).

If there is a meeting of people who do these sort of thing for the Hive I’m happy to participate (in person or virtual meeting). Let me know how I can be of help.

David that would be great! If Brad Walsh, our current president, doesn’t have time to get with you I will be happy to help out with getting that set up

We have a channel on slack specifically for marketing and advertisement collaboration. It was last used for planning out the last Open house, but it is still there ready for people to put to use.

Dave (we have to many Daves - mind if I call you Bruce),

Thanks for the info. Happy to work with you.
I’ll be at the meeting Tues night, I’ll probably be able to have time to get with you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Will has been handling some of our MeetUp stuff but we certainly can use any help.
I just did a Learn To Solder thing for 5 cub scouts today. I managed not to burn anyone so I think it was a success. Not massive outreach, but good to do.

The next big thing is the Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire April 18. There should be a lot of cool stuff. We will probably have a Learn To Solder table and maybe some other stuff.
Looking forward to talking.