Adopt-a-Corner: "Laser/Print Room South Wall"


Please be advised, in the interest of organization and sanity and to add my own bit of honey to the Hive, I have VOLUNTEERED to take responsibility for a section of the Hive. I will arrange (and even do a bit more thorough cleaning) this space and tend to it as need warrants. I hope you’ll all show your appreciation for organizational efforts by helping to keep the space clean and free of detritis, obstacles, rubble, and general stuff that doesn’t belong.

I only get a couple of hours a week in the Hive so it isn’t likely to happen quickly but over the next month you should see a transformation.

Of immediate interest to me is the “Laser/Print South Wall” (the same wall as the exit from the Hive) in the 3D-printing/laser cutter/printer room. From the sliding glass door over to the wall - which currently includes a sewing machine and table, a folding table, a rolling shelf-rack, and the laser cutter. The objective here is to reclaim volume so that the table can actually be used for a project and as a temporary resting place while working with the 3D-printers or other projects in that room.

There is a large shelving unit that will get placed along that wall in place of the rolling rack and table to house the printers, material, samples, scraps, etc. for the 3D-printers and the laser cutter. I’ll organize the materials from the stand and the table more vertically to make better use of the space. Maybe even apply a few labels so it is obvious what goes where…

Not to worry - items will be treated lovingly and gingerly placed in their new resting place so that they can be used in-situ. There is likely, however, to be a pile of “questionable” things that might do with a bit of review by their respective owners (you know who you are).

A place for everything and everything in its place. Bzzzz…


Thank you so much for helping with this James! If anyone else wants to do something similar it would be awesome. I’ve heard that ATX (Austin Tx hackerspace) does an adopt an area like this and it is pretty successful. We definitely need more people to help out!

James, you might need a little bit of help getting the gray shelving unit down and assembling it. If so ask around and I’m sure someone will offer their help. If not I can try to help!

Again, thank you for doing this! We need more people like you helping us out!!

In this same spirit I am volunteering to attempt reorganizing the lounge. My priorities are getting the AV corner into a slightly more usable state and finishing migrating the library into the lounge (as soon as I find some cheap bookshelves). Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


  • Ian B.

I have been sort of taking care of the kitchen area a bit anyway, so I’ll adopt that, and try to do some deeper cleaning, and organize things a bit better so people can find things easier.

Jordan (like the River)? Do you want to get in on this too?

Dark Ian, the thrift store up the road from the Hive may have reasonable bookshelves… Some may have glass doors,

Oooh, glass doors... sounds fancy :). I'm not familiar with the store in question, anybody know the name of the place?

- Ian B.

Yes, I am up/down (what ever the cool kids are saying these days) for that. The magic white smoke came out of my starter today but once I am mobile again I would like to schedule a time for a tear down and assessment of the kitchen area with you and any whom wish to have input.