Adopt A Corner: kitchen cleaning/organizing

Tonight I started organizing and cleaning the cabinet above the microwave… It was not as bad as I had feared…

There is a bunch of materials left on the table and counter that I will be dealing with on monday night… (my appologies for not leaving it there). I’m hoping to build a list of the ‘basic’ stuff that is available for people to use. We had multiples of many things, some of which are outdated and will be tossed.

I am going to see what I can do about getting some baskets or slide out boxes for the shelves… I had to stand on a stepladder and the counter to reach the top shelf in there!

If something of yours gets tossed, I appologize, but a lot seems to be expired and nothing in this cabinet has names on it… put your name on your items if they are not ‘fair game’ and please close any opened materials or put the bag in a container to help prevent pests.


I will be there Monday evening to assist.