Add'l workstation or upgrade?

The motherboard and processor I donated is pretty decent: quad core i5 4000 series (can’t remember which, maybe 4570). We have cases, PSU’s, and might have some DDR3 ram. I also have a fairly new 500GB hard drive we could use.

I might (this is more slim) be able to provide a fresh copy of windows. Not sure about that one, we’ll see.

I think we should commit to putting this together as a HIve workstation before we forget we even have this.



I’d love to see a few more Hive workstations. Maybe even a workstation area that could also be used as a classroom/teaching area. I’ve also kicked around the idea of making a few portable workstations on wheels that could be used standing or sitting. That way we could store them out of the way until they needed to be used. I’d be interested to see how many others are also interested in this.

Food for thought… There are DOZENS of i5 (and even a few i7) laptops with busted screens on ebay for less than $50. Use it with an external monitor and a USB keyboard…

While I agree wholeheartedly that doing something with what we have is a good idea, this is a great way to do computer on the cheap which seems to be a requirement for the hive.