Adding a tool to the wiki

I just tried to add the HP multimeter that we purchased to the wiki but I’m not clear how to get it into the system so it shows up like the other tools.

Is there a form?

Could we have a quick one page sheet on how to do this?

You need to add the equipment template to the page. describes all of the options and such for the template, but the easiest option would be to just to copy the template from another tool page and edit it.

  • Ian B.

You bitch on the mailing list until the official Scarer of Small Children fixes it.

Thanks Ian.
No so much thanks, Andrew.

Thanks to the anonymous person that helped fix the page. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This web stuff needs more metal.


Honestly Brad, just do what I do, copy something, break the entire wiki, complain to Ian about the crappy IT infrastructure. When he fixes your mistake, blame it on Brad.

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