adafruit thing

The other day I saw a thing on the adafruit blog about updating hackerspace pricing and I thought, “hmmm, we should look into that.” Then I saw hive13 on the list already. :slight_smile:

I went to the wiki and found that a minutes item from 2010 that said that Craig was going to set us up with “the adafruit thing”

My understanding is that if the account associated with the hive places an order for $250 or more we get wholesale pricing on some things, though the only detail I can find about what those things are is that they are mostly breakout boards and kits.

So what’s the deal? Do we ever do these bulk orders? Is there a secret price list somewhere?

I have no specific need in the short term. I just ordered some stuff (and am irritated that I forgot something) but I don’t think any of it would have qualified for a discount.

I’m just curious for the future, and wanted to remind everyone (particularly new members) that the option is there.

From what I can recall of previous discussions is that Adafruit designed items where the most likely to have a discount, while third party items did not have much of a (if any) discount.

I believe that the discount is either tied to Craigs adafruit account, or possibly to some separate account that he controls. You need to be logged into that account in order to view the discounted costs for items.

I do not think we have ever utilized the discount purchases because we never where able to put together a $250+ order on Adafruit of mostly adafruit specific items. However, now that we have more members it might be possible to put together something at this point.

Yeah Paul is correct. I believe we have an account on adafruit for just the Hive and you need to be logged into it to see the discounts. The discounts were … meh. Unless you are buying a lot of adafruit stuff you really don’t save much since adafruit has a decent markup on non-adafruit things. So we never used it. If you think there is something we are going to buy that will be over $250 let me know and I’ll see if I can dig that account back up again.