Adafruit Reseller


Just an FYI, we are now registered as an Adafruit Reseller! :smiley:

This will help with ordering for our class projects as well as provide
additional benefit to members by allowing discounts on group purchases
through the Hive. For those of you who missed this discussion
earlier, this provides the Hive with a special reseller account that
gives us 40% discounts on orders over $250. Which is an awesome deal!

Just wanted to spread the good news that we have been accepted by Adafruit :slight_smile:


so when do we make our first group order?

Anybody want to run a class?

Or just check out the site:

If we just want to go in on a group order I'm sure I can find
something I want :slight_smile:

I setup a spreadsheet on Use your hive
account to get to it and you should be able to edit it to add your
order. Link below *should* take you directly there.

Once we get over $250 I'll place our first bulk order. After my order
we only need $163 more :slight_smile:


Actually I need to get a few things ordered within the next week. So
unless more people want to place an order I'm going to remove some of
my items and go ahead and buy them full price. Damn time sensitive
projects :slight_smile:


Craig. Do you have a cutoff date for a group order?

No cut off date. If we get enough orders in I'll submit them as soon
as we get over $250 non-discounted. Some of the things on my list
need to be ordered next week. So if we get to $250 by next week no
big deal. Else I got to pull some items off and get them ahead of
time. The rest of the items still stand and as soon as we get to $250
I will place the order.

Oh did I mention, if you want to learn Arduinos then you should check
out the starter kit. I got my son the $90 one at adafruit and it is a
really nice beginner kit with lots of stuff. It comes with a tutorial
book so you don't need an electronics background. Since these are
almost half price with our discount I highly recommend them for you
software folks who want to learn some microcontroller programming :slight_smile:

So how do we find out the discounts on items? It says “up to 40%” so I am assuming many items will not have such a large discount. Is that not the case?

If it’s 40% on everything, I’ll be in for a good bit…


Good point. I’l login and add some stuff to the cart later to see if I can figure out what the average is or if its 40% across the board.

I’ll let you know.

Aha, I had been a bit curious about that. I had not thought about the “up to 40% off” part. But I had been wondering how that worked with the actual Arduino’s or the kits that were sourced from other sites.

Ok, I just checked and yeah you are right. The discounts do vary but they are pretty good. They have a lot of big items that are between 20%-40% off. Decent amount at 40%. Some at 50% and some at 0%. So I created another sheet within the spreadsheets for some prices that I looked up. If you are interested please put your order on the list and I have added a column for actual discount.

I will update the discounts as stuff is added to the list and updated the discount lookup sheet. I tried to put some common things I think people will want to know the prices on in the sheet already but I did not list everything. Once we have $250 I will send out a reminder that the order will be placed and then you can make last minute decisions to pull stuff form the list if you don’t like the discount amount or just have second thoughts about the purchase.

Product Discount Price Percent
Arduino (Atmega328 - assembled) $24 20%
Arduino Mega (Atmega1280 - assembled) $52 20%
Adafruit ARDX - v1.0 Experimentation Kit for Arduino $68 24%
Starter Pack for Arduino $52 20%
Budget Pack for Arduino $39.6 20%
Adafruit Proto Shield for Arduino Kit $7.5 50%
Mega protoshield for Arduino $9 40%
Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino kit $11.7 40%
Adafruit Ethernet (XPort/WIZnet) shield for Arduino kit $9 40%
Arduino Ethernet shield - Assembled $36 20%
9V battery clip with 2.1mm plug $1.8 40%

More on the spreadsheet.