Accounting breakdown

Hello all,

At the Hive we pride ourselves on being very open. We feel it is our duty as a non-profit community organization. At the last board meeting I created a dynamic report of the breakdown of members and their contributions. I mainly did this because I was tired of trying to format the bank/paypal statements before the board meetings and because I’m lazy and geeky. I decided to clean it up a touch and release it for all to view.

At any time you can see a live report on our current membership, the breakdown and our financial situation.

As you can see we are doing good. We are not operating in the red which is always a good thing. We have also managed to meet one of our early goals of getting 3 months rent stashed away in our savings! Woohoo! That was a hard goal to achieve and we thank everybody for their support and contributions.

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Interesting stuff, thanks for posting it.

Do people really pay with bitcoins?

Yes, we currently have one full member who pays with bitcoins.

Also, just to point out in this thread a quote from the top of the report:
"This page shows an active running member total for the last month. This data is based on paypal payments and does not count any other payment methods such as cash, check or bitcoin."

So, counting Jim and the bitcoin person (sorry I forgot your name) we have 31 actively paying members.