Access to the space on Friday

If anyone with a key could make themselves available around noon on Friday to let me into the space for a bulk dropoff, it would be most appreciated.


I have a couple things I would like to drop off as well.

Ooooh oooh oooh! Meee toooo!

i can be there at noon on fri.


I will be there tonight for a few hours starting around 7ish.

Dropping off: post-it notes, pens, whiteboard, microwave, cleaning supplies, a tackle box like compartment thing for small electronic storage, load balancer, more switches and a Sparc station.

Might do a bit of cleaning while I’m there but after that I will probably be leaving again.

I will also be there Friday morning dropping of a large 6 foot metal commercial filing cabinet plus probably some more things. :slight_smile:


does anyone have drives they want to wipe before donating?

i have a stack of them, and i was thinking of setting up a box to DBAN drives on there at the space.

I have a couple servers that need wiping. I can bring them in tomorrow.