Access to the hive

The cancellation of the board meeting and the general un-cooperativeness of the weather has thrown a slight damper on my plans.

I’m doing a “learn to solder” event at a library in Petersburg, KY tomorrow evening at 6:30. There are only 7 kids signed up, so I didn’t bother asking for volunteers.

The boards are at the hive, and I had intended to come pick them up tonight when there would be someone to let me in, and there would be no tornadoes.

Now it seems it would make better sense to pick them up tomorrow (nothing like the last minute), but I don’t know if my badge will still let me in since I changed to a non-voting member a few months ago.

Does anyone have plans to be at the hive tomorrow after noon? I assume the Tuesday meeting will be going on in the evening, but how much earlier might I be able to come pick up the boards?

Marcus, I have the second round of boards at my house. Arrived today. If that would be easier for you email or call me.

Maybe! Where do you live? My schedule is free after noon.

I’m at UC during the day, and it would be pretty quick for me to drive over to Hive13 this afternoon to let you in. Let me know if you want to do that vs going to Dave B’s.


Google maps tells me that it could save me half an hour round trip to go to the hive. But, I would just be exchanging a similar amount of your time.

Would 1:30 or so be a convenient time for you Mike? If not, I’ll go see where Dave lives.

I already emailed you my address and number… Eastside, like Anderson/Mt. washington. I might be able to come down around 1:30 if Mike can’t. What happened to your access card?

Maybe it still works, depending on how careful the hive is in revoking access.

Since I visited the hive 3 times last year (maybe it was two) other than when preparing for makerfaire, I decided to drop down to the non-voting level a few months ago, at least for now. An average of $200 every time I walked in the door was hard to justify in my family’s budget. :slight_smile:

Marcus -

Two things.

  1. I have not explicitly disabled your access card. Database error in your favor. Collect 200 badgers.

  2. While Mike is significantly closer to the hive than I, I’m still only 10 minutes away. If Mike is unavailable and your badge fails, I can come down on short notice.

  • Ry

Ok, thanks everyone.

I’ll just go try my badge, and then if there is a problem, take Mike or Ryan up on their offers.

Plan sounds good.

I will be here for the first official open hours for summer, so if your card doesn’t work, just knock or ring the doorbell. I’ll be here all day =)

Well, that makes it simple, thanks!