AC / Power in FabLab

We may need to figure out an alternate power routing arrangement for
the Fab Lab. (Isn't it FABULOUS?)
I got up to the hive tonight and one of the breakers was blown. It
looks like there is an extension cord running a few computers, an Xbee
thingy, a fan and the AC unit plugged into one 4-outlet unit. I don't
know enough about what matters in this room to do something more
permanent and useful so I unplugged the power strip that's running
across the room for the time being. I'm assuming the Xbee thingy
isn't blowing breakers. :slight_smile:

AC > everything.

-Dave B.

It went out again?? I was in the lounge on friday and the breaker tripped randomly in the middle of a movie! I think there a few things that can be unplugged that may be sucking up power and aren’t necessary. If it happens again just an fyi I think the breaker is #19 in the panel.


Just a note: When you unplugged that power cord I believe you unplugged the server rack and as such there is no internet at the hive currently, haha. Not a big deal, but someone may get frustrated if they don’t know and can’t connect. :slight_smile:


I’m at the hive currently and I have internet just fine as you can see. I don’t think I unplugged the server rack - the cord I unplugged went over towards the makerbot along that wall.

Ahh, well for some reason the webcam is no longer updating it’s images. I thought the internet had gone out and caused it. Not sure then!


Starchy handles uploading the webcam images, it probably was unplugged.

It’s nice and cool in here and I’m getting lots of work done. :slight_smile:

I moved power cords around and am running the fans on a different outlet. The computer and AC unit are both running now and no breakers have blown.