About the Workshop This Week


As you know, this week we have some guests visiting us from out of
town. Mitch Altman and Jimmie Rodgers will be giving a short talk
tonight at the meeting and holding a workshop tomorrow (Wednesday)
night at Hive13.

First off, if you are planning on coming to the workshop and you
haven't already signed up, please sign up over on
http://mitchhive13.eventbrite.com/ This is how we will know if we
have enough tools and tables and chairs for everyone.

Second, if you can bring your own tools that would be very helpful
since Hive13 can only provide so many. Participants will need a
soldering iron, a wire snippers, a wire stripper, some solder and a
helping hands. Hive13 will have some of each of those, but the more
people that bring their own means the fewer people that have to share
tools. Also, if we get a lot of folks showing up, it might be helpful
if you brought your own chair too. Right now we have plenty of chairs
but Mitch said that at LVL1 they had about 12 people sign up in
advance and about 40 people showed up.

Third, the class is free but if you'd like to make a donation we would
appreciate it. We would like to be able to invest in a few more tools
so we can have workshops like this again and again.

Mitch and Jimmie will be at the meeting tonight, and we'll work out
the remaining logistics then.


Also, Mitch and Jimmie will be selling kits for the soldering class. So while the class itself is free, the kits are not. I believe the kits range from $10 to $30. The list of kits that will be available is on our blog: http://www.hive13.org/?p=65

When are people planning on getting there tonight? Can someone be
there as early as 5pm to open the doors and start getting things set

Let me know asap so I can leave work early if need be.


I will be getting there between 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm.

I'll be there by 2pm.

Awesome. Thank you!

If you have a chance, it might be good to grab some sponges from the
dollar store.

Since we are so short on tools, I asked Ed if he wouldn't mind
stopping by Harbor Freight and getting about 10 wire cutters and a
couple helping hands If you need him to pick anything else up, let
him know. Or if you can get to a store at some point so that he
doesn't need to go, I guess work that out with Ed.

We might be ok on soldering irons if people bring their own and share,
but I think we need a few stands. Mitch suggested using old coat
hangars to make little soldering iron rests.

I appreciate everyone's help with this. Kind of last minute I know.
As of right now, we have 17 people signed up on the eventbrite page.

I'll be running a bit late since I need to go home between work and the meeting.