A new Rat Appears!

I noticed a small rat in the projector room on Saturday night.

If we’re not going to capture it, can we name it something fun?

Martin the Warrior, the unofficial mascot rat of Hive13…



Martin was a mouse, shouldn’t that be Cluny the Scourge? :b

I vote to capture, then euthanize or keep a caged mascot if we really want. There seem to be some mousetrap designs on Thingiverse!

Of course, as one of the biology nerds at the Hive, I’d be tempted to make Rufusf/Martin/Cluny a DIYbio test subject…and on that side note, if you’re interested in such things it looks like GenSpace in NYC is taking some big steps forward for DIYbio.


Mrs. Brisby


First to capture gets to name it I say.
We should make a rat-wheel powered generator as a backup for the main UPSes.