A Gentle Introduction to Arduino

I’ve mentioned an upcoming Arduino class at the last couple of meetings. Signup links and details have been posted at:




For convenience, the description is reproduced below.

As of 2:00 PM, I have no signups for this class. It is therefore cancelled.

I’d like to offer this at least quarterly, so I’ll schedule another one a few weeks down the road.

  • Ry


I would definitely be interested in this Introduction to Arduino if you were to make time offer it again.


I would also! I just didnt have the funds this week

Things have (hopefully) settled down on the homefront, so I’m going to take another run at offering this class. My first preference for a time is at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, June 28.

I’m open to offering this on a Saturday afternoon if that works better for a majority of the interested parties.

Reply here on the list if you have a strong preference for one or the other. I’ll post the Eventbrite signup page this weekend.

  • Ry

I would really like to do this! Im limited to babysitter availability, but if I plan ahead enough can do either probably.

This is something I'd be interested in as well given the application to interface one via an rs485 connection to a plc using a modbus protocol to communicate a status but for my nest account's away/home state. Maybe something better suited for a raspberry pi but I'm ignorant to both platforms.

Hey Ry,
Did you decide on a day/time? If I have enough notification, I can get a babysitter set up.

Not yet. I’m now leaning towards the Saturday date to avoid conflict with another meeting already scheduled for Wednesday that week.

I intend to rework the class slightly, providing different components. I think people might be more interested in reading from buttons and knobs than from a motion sensor. Certainly that type of input is more generally useful.

I’d hoped for more input from those interested in the class before making a final schedule, but I’ll pick a date and post the Eventbrite signups this weekend regardless.

  • Ry

i’d love to figure out how to hook up a potentiometer to my arduino and stepper motor - control the stepper with the potentiometer. I know there are various tutorials just have a hard time understanding the wiring diagrams.