A few items of possible interest

Hey, all.

I've been cleaning out the garage and came across a couple items that
might be of interest to Hivers. Thought I'd offer 'em up here first
before going to Craigslist, etc.

Black and Decker CMM-630 Cordless Rechargeable Mower. Older unit but
well maintained and still very capable. Have replaced the battery and
rebuilt the motor in the past couple seasons. Perfect for those
Cincinnati 1/3-1/2 acre yards we all seem to have. Includes some
spare parts and an extra blade that was just sharpened. Just needs a
few nuts/bolts tightened up and it'd be ready to go. Would like to
get something for it but it's not absolutely necessary. Would just be
glad to see it go to a good home where it'll be put to good use. Or
for it to be carved up and used for some crazy Hive project, that'd be
fine, too.

Hoover SpinScrub Steam Cleaner. Wasn't sure if the Hive might want to
keep one of these on hand for spills in the carpeted area. Has a
small crack in the water tank that would be easily patched with a
little silicone sealant. Includes all accessories and hoses, etc.

Scotts Accugreen Drop Spreader. New a couple seasons ago, seen
minimal use. The steep inclines of my yard are less than ideal for
dry/granular treatments. Switching to liquid spreading. If you can
use it, take it. Again, just want to see it go to a good home.

Might also have a nice Go-Kart available that could be a neat
extension of the EV Motorcycle project. Extended family gets first
dibs but if that all falls through, the Hive would be welcome to it.
More details available.

Player Two