a few bucks for a small job

Anyone want a few bucks for a small job? I’ve removed the laser module from a component and I’m replacing it with a white led.
I can show you where the leads need to meet the circuit board.
I’d do it myself but I’m not 20-something anymore - eyes just won’t it for me no this one.
You can even keep the laser module (red, 2 wire, 3 volt) - not that these are hard to come by.

Thanks for at least considering it.


I’d suggest doing wire wrap / solder for that. The LED is huge compared to the circuit board and probably won’t solder on without a mess of solder whch will flow on everything. Wrap the led, tack the wrap with a touch of solder (since it won’t hold to round leads), and then solder the 30awg wrap wire to the PCB using touch of flux for luck.

I might be able to do it Tuesday afternoon, or if someone else wants to, I have some wrap wire stashed at the hive you can use.


I’d just solder it. The extremely fine no-clean kester solder at the hive can be controlled really easily. Trim the leads very carefully. Pre-tin them. Hit the PCB with copious quantities of no-clean flux to help keep solder where it belongs. I’m not going to be around the hive anytime soon but I’d be able to do this if no one else will if you bring it to me. (east side)