A call for classes!

OK, I know a couple of classes that people have volunteered to teach
that I'd love to take and I am sure there are others. So what's the
best way to get the ball rolling? I'd love to see:

- Jim's Metal Lathe turning class
- Craig's Blender class
- Dave's Makerbot class (taking stuff done in Blender and running it
through Skeinforge & ReplicatorG to a final product.)
- CNC 101, a review to prepare us for all the CNC projects we have
slated to develop.

Maybe an Arduino class? I've started programming them but have some

Even if some topics aren't classes but structured introductory
lectures/demonstrations that can dive deeper into various subjects.
While I love working on various projects, I also joined to learn from
the diverse experience of our members.



I would be happy to give a Blender class soon. We could do an
informal Blender with just the group or an official class were we
charge for non-members with limited seating.

FYI, For any class where we charge we MUST keep track of the income
from those classes. We should also consider learning Qcad if the end
goal is to use this with the Makerbot. I <3 blender for Modeling and
have modeled some really advanced items that I could never have done
with things like autocad (at least not in a timely manner) but the
size measurements are not exact. If we are 'making parts' then we
need all the pieces to be exact.

Personally I would like to give an informal class on both of these,
similar to how our python classes used to work. Were we get together
to all play with blender/Qcad and just ask questions as we go. This
would help me figure out what concepts are hard and need to be
addressed by the class.

Scheduling a day for me is also a pain right now but I will see if I
can get something going soon.


re: arduino programming

i have done a little tinkering with code on my duino and i would like
to open python night up to all coding, be it arduino, ruby or
whatever. we could break into teams based on language and work
through stuff, or maybe do a 15 minutes of fame type of thing where
someone demos something they wrote, or maybe a 2600 style formal
presentation. anyone have interest/thoughts on that?

wednesdays seem to be the day for emergencies for me of late and
something has managed to drag me away almost every week for a while
now, but if more people got involved the process could be more fault
tolerant. would a different day work for those who are interested?

How would next Monday look for a MakerBot 101 class?

Material would resemble this:

* MakerBot Hardware
** how does it actually work
** what are the electronics involved

* MakerBot Software
** design
** skeinforge
** replicatorg

* MakerBot Procedures
** workflow to print
** when things go wrong


That sounds great! Hopefully we'll have the makerbot extruder fixed
by then. (did you see my FaceBook picture?)



if folks were interested, I would have some fun doing an Adobe
Photoshop Lightroom crash-course. I love that program to death,it's a
big part of the reason why I love photography right now.

Adobe Lightroom has become one of my indispensable applications too,
so I would be interested in this to just refresh my memory of the
features I've overlooked. I stumbled into it back in June while trying
to find a program which had one single piece of functionality: To
batch-edit IPTC and XMP tags, because I wanted my metadata to go into
the photo itself and not be tied to a single program's database. It
turns out Lightroom is one of the very few programs that can do this
in a sane way, on top of its ridiculous list of other features and
Although, it's looking like Bibble Pro is comparable in many ways
while running natively on Linux, Windows, and OS X as well. However, I
haven't used it much yet.

I don’t know Adobe Lightroom, but heck, it’s all good and I’d be interested to attend.

I personally favor having a regular time for the rotating tutorial-of-the-week after the Tuesday business meeting every week for 20 or 30 minutes or more. Maybe we could post the schedule ahead of time and/or see where the collective interest lies.

I’d like to see one on what goes into making an on-line webstore, for example. A couple of you could probably pontificate on that topic.

A posted schedule might give all the new ‘IgniteCincinnati’ lurkers an extra incentive to come to the meetings on a regular basis. A popular topic might spin-off into a dedicated series like the ‘Makerbot Mondays’.


OK, so I went ahead and updated the front page of our wiki to reflect some of the classes that are coming up this month:


I’ve included:

- Tuesday, February 8, 2010 - 7pm - MakerBot 101 Class by Dave- Tuesday, February 9, 2010 - 8:00pm - Introduction to Metal Turning by Jim

  • Tuesday, February 16, 2010 - 8:00pm - Introduction to EAGLE Layout Editorby James- Tuesday, February 23, 2010 - 8:00pm - Introduction to Circuit Board Etching by Ed
  • Tuesday, March 2, 2010 - 8:00pm - Introduction to Blender by Craig

We’ve confirmed the first four presentations. Does the March 2nd work for you Craig?

The idea is these are general overview presentations (with some hands on demos) that will last for about an hour. If there’s enough interest on a topic that needs more depth, we can move into a more formal class environment that happens over multiple weeks. (something I imagine we’ll need for Blender, since we will only scratch the surface in an hour)

Anyone have any ideas on how we can formalize this process? I would like to see if we can’t start coordinating all the topics people are interested in, as well as identify who is going to be able to attend each class so the facilitators can know how much material we might need. (I want to make sure other topics that have been suggested like Adobe Lightroom and eCommerce 101 get on the schedule)



I would like my Blender class not to follow a Tues night class. I am
thinking of breaking up the Blender classes. Since there seems to be
a lot of outside interest in Blender I would like to offer a payfor
class to the public eventually (free for members of course). In the
meantime until I design a formal class I would like to have a
blender/cad night where we just model independently and I can help
out. Perhaps model something on the projector so ppl can watch my
techniques, etc. This would also help me figure out what areas are
people trouble spots so I can work them into the formal class.

I've been using blender since the early days when NaN turned it over
to Ton so I am really out of the loop on what aspects are hard to get
a handle on. Tentatively speaking I could probably do next Thursday
for a Blender night.