990-N epostcard tax filing


Ok, from reading the IRS website it appears we can get by filing an
990-N epostcard. This is like the standard 990 form (or the 990-EZ)
but even easier (If I'm understanding this properly) It's for people
with receipts less that 25,000/yr...which is us. There is a way to
file online for this and I will do it today if somebody can take the
time to give me a second opinion that the 990-N is something we can
indeed do.



Let me ask my friend who is a tax CPA. Will get back to you today.

OK, so I spoke to my friend who is a CPA on the phone. She said,

1) Our filing deadline isn't until May 15th
2) If our gross receipts are under 25k Craig is right about the 990-N
filing being appropriate
3) We file as if we were a 501c3 even though it's not official yet.
If you are acting as a non-profit as we are you assume you have
non-profit status until otherwise ruled
4) We have to fill out and file the form linked below with Ohio


I just got off the phone with my mom (who is a CPA). I was just
halfway through writing an email saying pretty much the same things as
below. As long as we mark the 990 saying that we've sent in the
application for 501c3, we have until May 15th to submit the 990.

She also offered to teach us the basics of bookkeeping so we have a
good record-keeping habit to make doing our taxes easier in the
future. We want to make things easy to hand over to another person
when Craig is ready to hand the Treasurer position over to someone
else. I'm assuming Craig doesn't want to be Treasurer forever.
Officer elections are only about 3 months away...


Excellent! I will probably fill it out soon anyhow (even though we
have until May) just to get it out of the way. I would love a class
on better book keeping. I took the Treasurer position just because
nobody else did and my bookkeeping skills would undoubtedly make a CPA
faint :slight_smile: