55 gal drums

In order to complete my smoker grill project, I needed more drums. I now have a source for ~4-6 steel drums per month for free. These drums have had food-grade non-toxic chemicals in them used for cow/horse feed, primarily propylene glycol.

I also can get far more 55 gal blue plastic drums. These would make great trash cans or planters for a small tree.

There currently is one - 55gal steel drum that is unmolested and one steel drum with a hole in it down at the hive that are not spoken for. If no one takes them or puts their name on them by Monday, I will be taking them to Garden St.

If anyone wants either plastic or metal drums, lmk.


I /may/ want one for the dust collector. I haven’t decided if 55 gal was too big for that yet, though. I’ll think about it tonight and let you know.

if Jon doesn’t want them I imagine Mike and I would be interested in making a smoker! :slight_smile:

I’ll grab a few for you Tiff. LMK when you want them to appear.

Cool thanks dave! Anytime after this weekend - we are pretty busy this weekend!

hrrrm…Barrel ponics… I have some interest in a few (3?) plastic barrels, Those are also Food safe materials too? (non toxic?)

I'm trying to get a 55 gal drum for burning in, and I was wondering if the offer was still available :slight_smile:

They were all gone last time I checked. I’ll holler at my buddy and see where things are at. I got the impression that it was something that built up over the weekend when they’re using more glycols, etc. in the animal feed to keep it from freezing.