5.5 mm X 2.1 mm female barrel jack

Does anyone know if we have one of these at the Hive or have one in a personal stash you could bring in Tuesday?

Example: DC Barrel Jack Adapter - Female - PRT-10288 - SparkFun Electronics

I bought an AC-DC power supply to use to power the nichrome wire plastic bender, but didn’t think to order the female jack.

I can always cut the connector off and wire it directly, but it would be nice to be able to unplug it.



Hey kevin,

I might have a few extra of those laying around in a box somewhere if I can find them I can bring 1 to Tuesdays meeting if you want?


That would be fantastic, thanks!

I’m hoping to have the plastic bender operational by time I leave Tuesday.

Microcenter has them in stock if you don’t get any.


I also have a few of those, and similar board and panel-mount jacks in my mobile makerspace. (AKA my trunk)

I’ll be at the meeting on Tuesday.

  • Ry

Hey Kevin,

They weren’t where I thought I had them :confused: also I had something come up and went be able to make it to this weeks meeting.

We might be able to salvage some from the electronics area.